City Council LED Neon Lights

Local Council LED Neon Sign Lighting

Our City Council LED neon lights are an absolute hit. There's nothing quite like beautiful lighting to brighten up your local council area. LED lighting creates a positive buzz around the community and ultimately projects a great vibe all around. 

We recently had the honour of working alongside Liverpool City Council for their Southwest Sessions community-based festival. The festival spanned across 2 weekends and featured a wide range of business popups and entertainment, including:

  • Food trucks
  • Clothing brand stalls
  • Local music artists
  • Bar & Entertainment areas

We helped light up this large-scale event by providing custom neon signage to give the festival the spark it deserved. We absolutely loved bringing this event to life, as we do with all local community events. 

See below some of the amazing photos of our City Council LED Neon Lights that were showcased at the festival: