About Us

Light It Up Neon was established in 2020, with the founders idea to bring the world's first Hip-Hop & RNB influenced neon store to life. Our love for music and modern art inspired their creativity to share their passion with others on a global level. 

We not only provide a quality customer experience from start to end, but also recognise the importance of producing an exceptional product for your home or business. Each and every neon sign that we create has it's own personalised story to tell, as we ensure that our passion shines bright through our products.

Our team of creatives have helped over thousands of customers bring their neon dreams to life on an international level. We have had the privilege of working alongside many individuals (including celebrities), businesses and events. 

Light It Up Neon prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service to ensure that our customer's neon dreams are lit up and creative ideas are brought to life. We are constantly inspired and determined to light up the world, one LED neon sign at a time. 

Light It Up Neon has a global mission to culturally bring everyone together by motivating and spreading the light of positivity around the world.