Hanging & Screw Fixture Options

Hanging & Screw Fixture Options

Are you looking to buy a new custom neon sign, but are unsure about what hanging options you have? Here at Light It Up Neon, we offer a range of Hanging & Screw Fixture Options, perfect to suit whatever purpose you need. 

During the production process, we will cut small holes on the outside of your acrylic board. This will allow you to successfully hang or wall-mount your neon size effectively. We provide all of our customers with a FREE wall-mounting kit which includes the required screws and/or hanging chain. 

Our available neon sign Hanging & Screw Fixture Options will be explained below, and include the following:

1. Regular Screw-In

2. Advertising Screw Wall Mount

3. Hanging Chain

4. No Holes Required (double-sided tape)

Regular Screw-In Neon Signs

Let your neon signage do all the talking with our Regular Screw-In fixture option. This is the perfect choice for those of you who are looking for a simple screw-in without much hassle. This fixture style requires only standard screws, and the holes drilled into the acrylic board will be smaller holes with a 5mm diameter. 

With the regular screw-in option, your acrylic neon board will be positioned flush against the wall that you choose to position it. The screws are quite seamless in visibility, so this is a great option for those of you who don't want too many accessories outside of your neon sign.

regular screw in for neon sign

Advertising Screw Wall Mount Neon Signs

Business Owners - this one's for you! Our Advertising Screw Wall Mount fixture option is the perfect fit between professionalism and a bit of edge. This screw setup uses Advertising Screws with a spacer, to give your custom neon sign the impact it deserves. 

Unlike the regular screw-in option, our advertising screws will create a small gap between the wall and the back of your acrylic neon board. It uses 9mm holes as the screws required are almost double the size of regular screws. The overall finish that advertising screws give to your neon sign are incredible, and are highly recommended to give your sign more of a professional look. 

neon sign on hanging on wall with advertising screw

Hanging Chain Neon Signs

Easy does it with our hanging chain neon signs. And Yes, we also supply you with the hanging chain for FREE. Our hanging option is ideal for businesses who are looking to hang their new custom neon sign on the inside of their shopfront window. 

This fixture option will include only holes up the top of the acrylic board, for you to simply hook and hang your new neon sign. They are super easy to detach and re-attach whenever you like. 

red bbq neon sign on hanging chain

No Holes Required (Adhesive Tape)

Just like the title suggests, there are absolutely no holes required for this DIY fixture option. All you need are some hanging strips or a roll of durable double-sided mounting tape. 

We highly recommend utilising a CLEAR coloured tape or strips, in order to give your neon sign a flawless effect. With this option, you may need to apply a number of strips to effectively hold your sign, and the surface you wish to attach it to must have a stick-able texture. 

Our neon light signs weigh 3-6 kg on average, so this option is subject to smaller sized signs. If you wish to utilise this option, please contact us at support@lightitupneon.com to get our recommendation.

wall hanging strips for neon sign