Our Neon Back-Board Style Options

Custom Neon Acrylic Back-Boards

Looking for a custom neon sign with a unique background to suit the style of your business or occasion? Here at Light It Up Neon, we offer a variety of back-board colour and style options that can make your new neon sign really stand out.

All of our neon signs are laid professionally onto a high quality acrylic back board. This ensures that each sign has the appropriate support required to hold effectively. 

We provide 3 elegant back board style cut options including:

  • Cut to Shape (Cut around and contoured to the shape of the design)
  • Cut to Letter (Cut very close to the letters/edges of the design)
  • Cut to Square/Rectangle (Cut as a Square/Rectangle around your design)

When it comes to your purchase, the best part is that you're able to fully customise your neon sign. The acrylic board chosen will ultimately come down to what style best compliments your neon design.

Neon Signs on Cut to Shape Acrylic Backings

Our Cut to Shape acrylic back-board option is by far the most popular and recommended board cut option we offer. This elegant backing style provides a contour cut around the design of your neon sign to emulate a smooth and picturesque effect.

With this backing style, your neon signage will look like a real piece of art. It's easy on the eye and welcoming for all your guests. It's also extremely durable and portable, making it an amazing choice for your next Light It Up Neon sign. 

cut to shape acrylic back board for neon sign

Neon Signs on Cut to Letter Acrylic Backings

Our Cut to Letter acrylic back board option is cut very closely around the shape of each letter or curve. You can barely see the acrylic at all and it gives more of a near-invisible look to your neon sign.

This board cut is most popular for personalised name signs or any neon design which requires blank areas throughout. It will certainly give a real POP to your new neon sign.

cut to letter acrylic back board for neon sign

Neon Signs on Cut to Square Acrylic Backings

Our Cut to Square/Rectangle board style will cut the acrylic board in a square or rectangle shape, suitable to the width and height of your custom neon design. This board cut style is perfect for all neon signage with a boxed outline, and is our most sturdy back board choice.

cut to square acrylic back board for neon sign

Our Available Acrylic Board Colours

Do you have a particular custom colour in mind for your back board, or perhaps a colour that matches your brand? We can make it happen! We offer a wide range of acrylic back-board colour options, to provide you with a number of choices when designing your new custom neon sign. 

Our available board colour options include:

  • Clear/transparent (our most popular choice)
  • Black, White or any other solid colour of your choice
  • Silver and Gold mirror

UV Printed Back-Board Colour

We also provide a UV Printed back board colour option which allows for any custom image to form the background of your custom neon sign. With a UV printed back board, you will be able to match your brand colours to a tee!

Simply provide us with the Pantone Code of your branded colours and we will accurately match it to your acrylic board. UV printing is available on any acrylic board and there's no limit to how many different colours you can use.