Colour Changing LED Neon Signs & Lights

RGB Multi-Colour Neon Signs

RGB Colour Changing Neon Lights

If you're unsure of what colour to choose for your new Light It Up Neon sign, then our RGB Multi-Colour option is the perfect solution. Our RGB colour-changing mode will allow you to adjust your neon sign to the colour you're after at any given time, with the simple click of a button!

All of our RGB multi-colour signs come with a special remote which is used to control the functionality of your LED neon sign. Whether you are looking to adjust the brightness, colour or flashing mode of the neon sign, the RGB remote will allow you to do just that.

There may be a minimum size requirement that applies to having your neon sign in RGB Mode. Please confirm this with your Light It Up Neon representative upon enquiry.

Please also note that our RGB signs are currently only available for indoor use.

30th birthday pink neon sign
30th birthday white neon sign
30th birthday blue neon sign hire

Our RGB Colour Mode Features

  • Our battery powered RGB remote will operate up to 20 metres in range of your receiver.
  • The 2 buttons at the top of the remote will turn your neon sign ON and OFF.
  • The colour wheel will allow you to change the colour of your sign when it's in static mode, to whichever colour you prefer.
  • The 2 buttons inside the colour wheel will allow you to change to auto, where your neon will cycle through 7 beautiful RGB colours with 8 dynamic modes that offer a range of flashing, pulsing and flickering options.
  • The 2 buttons at the bottom of the remote will allow you to adjust the brightness of your sign, as per your preference.