Choose the Perfect Custom Neon Sign For Your Bar

Custom neon signs are a great way to set your bar apart from the competition. Whether you want an eye-catching sign to draw people in or a subtle design to compliment your interior, choosing the right colours, designs, sizes and backlighting can make all the difference. 

Consider Your Space and Purpose.

Before you buy a neon sign for your bar, consider the size and purpose of the sign relative to your space. Choose a sign that is big enough to make an impact but small enough for your space. Also, decide whether you want the sign to be visible from outside or if it’s more important that the customers inside can see it. This will help determine where and how the backlighting should be set up.

To make the most of your neon sign’s potential, think about lighting and placement. If you have a small bar, hung a bright single-coloured neon sign that stands out from the rest of your lights. Larger bars can handle a combination of signs in different colours, shapes and sizes. Consider where it will be placed relative to windows and doors. Keep in mind the sign should be easy to read but don’t place it too close to its light source; neon signs need to “float” in mid-air for optimal impact. Place your sign at eye level or slightly above so customers can enjoy its delightful glow without straining their eyes.

When it comes to designing custom neon signs for your bar, you must also consider colour. Popular retail colours include green, blue and pink, although any colour is available. Single-coloured signs will draw attention while multi-coloured signs can be used as a kind of ‘call to action’ due to their bright and engaging appearance. Multi-coloured signs also have the benefit of making it easier for people to find your bar in crowded or loud areas like festivals or nightlife hotspots.

Select a Font and Colour Combination That Fits Your Brand.

When choosing the perfect custom neon sign, consider the font and colour combination. It’s important to choose a font and colours that will complement your bar’s brand. If you have an existing logo or branding identity, try to match the look and feel with the neon sign. Pay attention to how different fonts and colours evoke different moods and feelings from customers when researching the ideal combination for your neon signage.

Make sure the font is readable and sized appropriately for your business’s exterior as this will be visible from a distance. The size of the typeface can vary based on how legible it needs to be. If people are likely to read it from far away, make sure it’s big enough for everyone to easily comprehend. Custom neon signs should also include an appropriate colour scheme that reflects your branding identity. Consider using your company’s primary colours, or select complementary shades that will boost visibility without being too overwhelming or distracting.

Opt For a Backlight to Shine Its Message From Afar.

You can also make your custom neon sign stand out even more by adding a backlight. By having a backlight behind the sign, it gives the lettering a glowing effect that captures attention from farther away. This is especially helpful if you have a large space at your bar or restaurant and need to draw people in. 

When you have the backlight on, your neon sign will become a beacon that stands out from its surroundings and invites people in. Just like illuminated signs do for retail stores and car dealerships in malls or along the freeway, custom neon signs can serve as the same type of guidepost at bars and restaurants. It’s an easy way to get noticed while still looking sleek and sophisticated. Plus, backlights are available in different colours to match your bar's interior design theme or stick to classic white for a uniform look. No matter what you choose, these backlit neon signs will help make a lasting impression on visitors.

Select a Neon Colour That Matches Your Bar's Vibe and Brand.

When it comes to finding the perfect neon sign for your bar, colour choices should be heavily considered. Neons come in a variety of colours and styles, so you can pick a hue that speaks to your bar’s personality. For example, if you want something bright and cheerful, select from some of the lighter shades on offer. While if you are aiming for an edgy feel, try out some of the darker colours available. Once you have chosen the shade that matches your vibe, then you can start exploring different designs for your neon sign.

While shopping for a sign, you should also take into account the bar's brand and core customer base. Is your bar more of a sophisticated cocktail lounge, an indie beer spot, or a spirited dive bar? When picking out your custom neon sign, make sure it doesn’t just match the vibe, but that it also reflects the type of drinks and snacks available. Finding a creative design that fits your aesthetic will ensure that your custom neon sign matches your brand and stands out to customers.

Having a custom neon sign is a great way to add an eye-catching element to your bar. Theres no denying the fact that neon lighting draws people in, and can turn an ordinary bar into something unique and memorable. Plus, when illuminated, this type of signage offers a sleek look that won’t take away from other design cues like exposed brick walls or vintage furnishings. With the perfect custom neon sign in place, you can create instant atmosphere and give patrons a truly one-of-a-kind experience that they won’t forget!